Just Your Basic Blog Post

I failed on a blog post every week, but I am only 10 days so I guess I can forgive myself.  It has been crazy hectic around here.  We have been focusing on mom trying to get her in as much movement as we can before her surgery Monday.  Summer is shaping up to be extremely busy, and I am not sure how I feel about that, I kind of like a slower pace to my life.  But Graduations, Weddings, Births, Holidays, Family are shaping up to being crazy busy.  I have gotten out a bit with my camera lately doing some fun stuff.

DSC_2576 Web

I have also been busy posting stuff on eBay.  I have found some very cool stuff in the storage unit, and some great stuff thrifting.  Take a look at this listing for some awesome bib overalls.


I also have some other great items that will be listed soon, so be sure to follow along either on Facebook or on Ebay

See you all next week after Mom’s Surgery with an update.


Thrifting Fits My Life’s Choices

DSC_8755 web

I have through my life worn lots of hats.  I raised 5 amazing children, I married my soul mate, I have always loved family.  I have done fast food, customer service, photography, direct sales, and eBay.  I have always moved around to what fits my life at that current moment in time, following my heart and doing what I love.  I am still a photographer, I will always be a photographer but I am just at a point that doing just photography does not fit my life right now.  Will I be giving up my camera, will I stop learning and shooting?  Of course not, photography is still therapy to me, I still love it and I still want to create beautiful art and images. I will still do both trade and clients, I just need to ease up a bit for a while {No idea how long awhile is right now}  I have a storage unit that I need to empty, and a mom that I adore that needs me.  Heck, I need her, and in order to keep her as healthy as I can I need to get her out of the house as often as possible so she doesn’t just fade away.  So in comes eBay.  I can empty my storage and sell stuff earning a few dollars and I can source thrift stores and yard sales.  Thrifting has always been something mom loves to do and this gets her out and moving (Movement is Life) plus if brings her joy.  We all need joy in our lives, if we don’t have it, we start to die mentally and soon our bodies will begin to follow.  Mom also has a very big surgery coming up in a couple of weeks, and even though I am optimistic, I am also realistic and know that there is always a risk.  For me spending as much time these next couple of weeks with mom is important.

Now you have a bit of my back story, that should explain how thrifting just fits into my life right now.  I can spend time with my mom doing something she enjoys and I can source for my listings on eBay.  She even loves going through what I have to list.  I tease her all the time and tell her she can’t shop my eBay inventory, I think I will try to refrain from that.

Careers are great but don’t be afraid to make changes so it fits into where you are in life right now.  At the end of the day and you look back on it love, laughter will be what you smile about it will not be that corporate deadline, that sale you made, the fancy vehicles you owned.


The Treasures You Find..

We have had most of our life in a storage unit for the last 8 years, with some of it being boxed for 10 plus years.  We have decided it is time to condense and let go.  What amazing treasures we are finding!  A lot of stuff circa 1980-1990’s and it is so fun to discover these items once more.  One item that I found that was pretty exciting was a retro T-shirt from “The Brady Bunch” of Marcia Brady circa 1983.  I have searched high and low on the web and resale sites and have not found this particular shirt anywhere.  Love the words rare, retro and vintage when it comes to resale.  Will share an image in a bit.

Today we hit our first couple of yard sales for the season. I know I found a couple of treasures.  including these very nifty sunglasses.

Also found lots of great books, which will be new on eBay for me.  Well I did say I would share the Rare Retro Vintage Marcia Brady Tee with you all.


Good Morning! Road Trip Recovery and Listing

We had a great weekend visiting family in the Portland Oregon area.  Enjoyed love, laughter, and good food.  I was able to see most of my children {We missed you guys Amber} and a lot of my grandchildren.  Nothing like the hugs from the grandkids.  As an added bonus I got to see nieces and nephews.  I also went to see a dear friend, I just hope she knows how much I love her.  I love the mini road trips we get to take and I am hoping that eBay helps us to be able to do them more often and more comfortably.  Today, well I am recouping as until eBay can help with a hotel we do sofa surf and as much as we love our family, our bodies get really mad at us.  I am also going to be listing today, and sorting through some newly acquired treasures!  Be sure to check our my listings at Treasures I Found on eBay.  You can also find me on Instagram and facebook as well.  I will also soon be opening an Etsy store and I am considering a twitter account.


Check out this cute Aeropostale summer dress up now.

Sourcing, Prepping and Listing

I must say that even though selling on eBay is a lot of work, I am having a blast.  Okay, I admit the favorite part is the sourcing.  I have always loved to thrift, to hit yard sales, and find bargains and eBay falls right in line to allow me to do that.

Prepping is a lot of work that includes any cleaning, steaming, research, measuring, photographing, and preparing to list.  I have found that photographing flat lays with a slight squat does use some thigh and glute muscles and have found myself a little sore after a long day.  My husband helps a lot and that keeps me from getting too overwhelmed.  He also reminds me to eat on the days I get really engaged in the work.

Listing is for me one of the toughest parts, at least this early in the game.  I am learning {I hope } to create better listing titles and descriptions.  I am also on the fence as to what is better auctions or buy it now.    I know that as time goes on I will get quicker at all of the duties that this involves.

Right now I have a few goals for my eBay sales

  • Teeth Fixed
  • Take Mom To Nashville
  • Disney Trip {did you think that would not be there}

So please take a moment and visit my eBay store Treasures I Found  Add me to your favorites, share a listing on social media, add a listing to a collection, or purchase an item.   You can also find me on Instagram here Treasures I found  I also post a few of current listing as well as some items not listed {including freebies with Selah WA pick-up} on facebook.  Please feel free to follow my adventures at my Treasures I Found Facebook page.

Here is a current listing, check it out before its gone!



Disneyland My Happy Place March 2017 ~ Cinderella’s Castle ©Artistic Cliques Photography   This is my image taken on our trip.


Good Morning, Happy Sunday

Good Morning folks!  I am talking like I have a lot of followers at these beginning stages of my blog.  But what the heck, if my wonderful words of happiness, wisdom and just plain me being me brings a smile into just one person’s day then that is a success!  We have to count the little successes, make for ourselves small goals that lead us to larger goals.  If we set our goals too large and lofty it might become easier for us to get discouraged.  We want to always move forward.  In this new adventure of eBay selling, I am learning a lot and loving every minute of it.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my photography {shameless plug} which you can find me at here
Artistic Cliques Photography both are things I am going to continue.  I am going to continue to put out positive thoughts and know that they will come back to me.  I am going to continue to love life and make sure I strive for happiness.  I am going to enjoy every mile of my life and adventures, I hope you do the same.

Come check out my eBay listing at Treasures I Found

I will leave you with a favorite quote and a link to one of my great listing.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”  ~ Walt Disney

Banana Republic Black and White Floral Top

New Postings and A Lost Item

Several new postings on eBay the last couple of days, a couple of sales, and one disappearing item. I sold a pair of costume earrings, nothing special and a very inexpensive auction. I went to get them today to ship and they are gone. They done got up and walked away. =) I emailed the buyer, so hopefully he will be understanding and not leave negative feedback. I also will be listing soon some items on Poshmark and Etsy, I will keep you updated. Here is an item you should check out on eBay.

Cinzia Rocca Made In Italy Alpaca Wool Coat



Well Hello There!

Just a little intro into all that is me.  I am forever optimistic and always try to find the positive in everything that life has thrown me.  I know my journey is and will continue to be filled with obstacles, roadblocks, dead ends, and detours.  I know those are part of my journey and help me navigate to where I should be.  I love life, laughter, adventure, fun and food. Family is everything, and well Disney rocks!  I have always been into thrifting and yard sales and now I am hoping that my passion can bring me to new adventures.  I yearn to travel more than the occasional short road trips and on a limited budget that is difficult.  So here is to adventures and treasures.  May something I find become your treasure!  I will be posting some treasures here and will post a few links later!