Thrifting Fits My Life’s Choices

DSC_8755 web

I have through my life worn lots of hats.  I raised 5 amazing children, I married my soul mate, I have always loved family.  I have done fast food, customer service, photography, direct sales, and eBay.  I have always moved around to what fits my life at that current moment in time, following my heart and doing what I love.  I am still a photographer, I will always be a photographer but I am just at a point that doing just photography does not fit my life right now.  Will I be giving up my camera, will I stop learning and shooting?  Of course not, photography is still therapy to me, I still love it and I still want to create beautiful art and images. I will still do both trade and clients, I just need to ease up a bit for a while {No idea how long awhile is right now}  I have a storage unit that I need to empty, and a mom that I adore that needs me.  Heck, I need her, and in order to keep her as healthy as I can I need to get her out of the house as often as possible so she doesn’t just fade away.  So in comes eBay.  I can empty my storage and sell stuff earning a few dollars and I can source thrift stores and yard sales.  Thrifting has always been something mom loves to do and this gets her out and moving (Movement is Life) plus if brings her joy.  We all need joy in our lives, if we don’t have it, we start to die mentally and soon our bodies will begin to follow.  Mom also has a very big surgery coming up in a couple of weeks, and even though I am optimistic, I am also realistic and know that there is always a risk.  For me spending as much time these next couple of weeks with mom is important.

Now you have a bit of my back story, that should explain how thrifting just fits into my life right now.  I can spend time with my mom doing something she enjoys and I can source for my listings on eBay.  She even loves going through what I have to list.  I tease her all the time and tell her she can’t shop my eBay inventory, I think I will try to refrain from that.

Careers are great but don’t be afraid to make changes so it fits into where you are in life right now.  At the end of the day and you look back on it love, laughter will be what you smile about it will not be that corporate deadline, that sale you made, the fancy vehicles you owned.



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