The Treasures You Find..

We have had most of our life in a storage unit for the last 8 years, with some of it being boxed for 10 plus years.  We have decided it is time to condense and let go.  What amazing treasures we are finding!  A lot of stuff circa 1980-1990’s and it is so fun to discover these items once more.  One item that I found that was pretty exciting was a retro T-shirt from “The Brady Bunch” of Marcia Brady circa 1983.  I have searched high and low on the web and resale sites and have not found this particular shirt anywhere.  Love the words rare, retro and vintage when it comes to resale.  Will share an image in a bit.

Today we hit our first couple of yard sales for the season. I know I found a couple of treasures.  including these very nifty sunglasses.

Also found lots of great books, which will be new on eBay for me.  Well I did say I would share the Rare Retro Vintage Marcia Brady Tee with you all.



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