New Postings and A Lost Item

Several new postings on eBay the last couple of days, a couple of sales, and one disappearing item. I sold a pair of costume earrings, nothing special and a very inexpensive auction. I went to get them today to ship and they are gone. They done got up and walked away. =) I emailed the buyer, so hopefully he will be understanding and not leave negative feedback. I also will be listing soon some items on Poshmark and Etsy, I will keep you updated. Here is an item you should check out on eBay.

Cinzia Rocca Made In Italy Alpaca Wool Coat




Well Hello There!

Just a little intro into all that is me.  I am forever optimistic and always try to find the positive in everything that life has thrown me.  I know my journey is and will continue to be filled with obstacles, roadblocks, dead ends, and detours.  I know those are part of my journey and help me navigate to where I should be.  I love life, laughter, adventure, fun and food. Family is everything, and well Disney rocks!  I have always been into thrifting and yard sales and now I am hoping that my passion can bring me to new adventures.  I yearn to travel more than the occasional short road trips and on a limited budget that is difficult.  So here is to adventures and treasures.  May something I find become your treasure!  I will be posting some treasures here and will post a few links later!