Good Morning! Road Trip Recovery and Listing

We had a great weekend visiting family in the Portland Oregon area.  Enjoyed love, laughter, and good food.  I was able to see most of my children {We missed you guys Amber} and a lot of my grandchildren.  Nothing like the hugs from the grandkids.  As an added bonus I got to see nieces and nephews.  I also went to see a dear friend, I just hope she knows how much I love her.  I love the mini road trips we get to take and I am hoping that eBay helps us to be able to do them more often and more comfortably.  Today, well I am recouping as until eBay can help with a hotel we do sofa surf and as much as we love our family, our bodies get really mad at us.  I am also going to be listing today, and sorting through some newly acquired treasures!  Be sure to check our my listings at Treasures I Found on eBay.  You can also find me on Instagram and facebook as well.  I will also soon be opening an Etsy store and I am considering a twitter account.


Check out this cute Aeropostale summer dress up now.


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