Sourcing, Prepping and Listing

I must say that even though selling on eBay is a lot of work, I am having a blast.  Okay, I admit the favorite part is the sourcing.  I have always loved to thrift, to hit yard sales, and find bargains and eBay falls right in line to allow me to do that.

Prepping is a lot of work that includes any cleaning, steaming, research, measuring, photographing, and preparing to list.  I have found that photographing flat lays with a slight squat does use some thigh and glute muscles and have found myself a little sore after a long day.  My husband helps a lot and that keeps me from getting too overwhelmed.  He also reminds me to eat on the days I get really engaged in the work.

Listing is for me one of the toughest parts, at least this early in the game.  I am learning {I hope } to create better listing titles and descriptions.  I am also on the fence as to what is better auctions or buy it now.    I know that as time goes on I will get quicker at all of the duties that this involves.

Right now I have a few goals for my eBay sales

  • Teeth Fixed
  • Take Mom To Nashville
  • Disney Trip {did you think that would not be there}

So please take a moment and visit my eBay store Treasures I Found  Add me to your favorites, share a listing on social media, add a listing to a collection, or purchase an item.   You can also find me on Instagram here Treasures I found  I also post a few of current listing as well as some items not listed {including freebies with Selah WA pick-up} on facebook.  Please feel free to follow my adventures at my Treasures I Found Facebook page.

Here is a current listing, check it out before its gone!



Disneyland My Happy Place March 2017 ~ Cinderella’s Castle ©Artistic Cliques Photography   This is my image taken on our trip.



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