About Me

My name is Tami Jean, and I am forever optimistic always trying to find the positive in everything that life has thrown me.  I know my journey is and will continue to be filled with obstacles, roadblocks, dead ends, and detours.  I know those are part of my journey and help me navigate to where I should be.  I love life, laughter, adventure, fun, and a new found excitement of trying new foods and places to eat.  My family is my rock, they keep me grounded with past memories, present amazingness and the excitement of what is in store. I love all things Disney but have a special fondness for Disneyland.  I have always enjoyed thrifting and going to yard sales, and now I am hoping that my passion can bring me to new adventures.  I yearn to travel more than the occasional short road trips, I want to upgrade photography equipment as well as getting a new travel point and shoot!  I want to do some things that will help me feel better, have more confidence like dental work.  So here is to new adventures and amazing treasures.  May something I find become your treasure!